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This gif makes me cry. Seriously. Look at Louis face!

If the kids don't believe, make them believe: I’m really upset with Louis, that tweet to Rebecca was rude. I don’t...


I’m really upset with Louis, that tweet to Rebecca was rude. I don’t care if he actually wrote that, if management told him to do it, or if management wrote it using his account. He’s still letting it happen, and as much power as they might have, Louis can always say no. This made me lose respect…


I’m guessing the hype about this is over, considering I’m in the U.S. and was sleeping whilst all this happened but I just woke up and saw this on, I know I bitch about the boys all the time, and insult them (in the most loving way), but I love them to pieces, and seeing this made me tear up. you guys know I’m not the cheesy type but just look at this, just look at what he said. I mean any decent person would agree with her, considering she fucking collapsed and all he says is that its worth it? that its “hard work”? working until you fucking pass out, is that the American dream we all want to achieve? obviously management forced him to say that, or perhaps he knew he needed to. I mean, they signed their fucking souls away with those contracts to Syco. they don’t have control of their lives anymore.
I can’t even believe this fucking happened.

Is it just me or does Japaneko look stoned in this scene?


“hey Pochi”

“hey pochi, bro”

“bro, you gotta try this stuff”

“seriously man. it’s whack.” 

“I’m over here you dumbfuck.”


IMAX Poster

Basicamente, el Gobierno de España nos está diciendo que nos muramos de hambre o vivamos en la calle. ¿Es este el sacrificio del que habla Rajoy?
Basically, spanish government is inviting us to eat bread and water and to live in the street. Is this the sacrifice wich Rajoy was talking?

People shipping “Bramerica”?

Guys I think you all should watch Hetalia. I’m sure you’re going to love it.